We are a dynamic company that specializes in software solutions for education and businesses. Our highly experienced team has top experts in the fields of programming.

The members of Zulu Education Products have been working in the field of education for a long time. For a large school in Holland we have done several projects, here are some examples:

Student Tool for Teachers

The objective of this project was to avoid time consuming meetings between teachers and students. We developed a system which could provide an interaction environment for the teachers and students. For example: the students can discuss about their work, attitude, etc. This system became very popular and is being used widely in schools. As expected, a lot of time is being saved every day.

Absence app for iPad’s
This app was developed to check for the presence or absence of the students in a class. When the iPads were introduced for the school teachers, we wanted to give a bonus functionality, something which every teacher in the school would appreciate. Since the absence reports were typically prepared on paper, we decided to build an absence app for the iPad. Teachers in the classroom would start the app and see the status of each student on the iPad. Then they can easily check if everybody is present. The absence notification was then sent to the school administration software.

iPad registration system
When the school introduced iPads for the students, it was clear that they would need some kind of iPad registration system to keep track of the iPads, but also when incidents took place (iPad got damaged) it was important to register the incident at the iPad registration system. Nowadays it is integrated in ZuluDesk.